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Psychotherapy, Psychologist in Warsaw (Poland)

If you are suffering, because you feel hopeless about how your life looks like, because of your feelings of sadness, depression, anger, fear or shame, or because you have got stuck in your pattens and cannot break the vicious circle of reoccurring unfavorable situations, this is a place where you can be helped.

If you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, tired or frustrated, we can think together about your problems and your situation in a comfortable and secure environment of my consulting room.

I invite you to have a closer look at your life, thanks to which you can see your situation from new and different perspectives, which can help you get out of deadlock, and make positive changes in your life.

I believe important and meaningful changes can occur as a result of understanding of one’s own actions and feelings, and of insight into how one approaches various situations ? and, in turn, how the circumstances influence them.

The process of understanding and change can start in the ?here and now? experience in the consulting room, thanks to the supportive therapeutic relationship. I do my best to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which a patient can understand him or herself. This, in turn, makes a change possible.

I strive to provide highest quality therapeutic services for my patients, including compassionate and professional approach, in which I take into account personalized needs and understanding of each of my patients.

I continually develop my skills as a professional, attending numerous conferences, lectures, and workshops. I undergo regular supervision, and keep to professional code of ethics.


Psychotherapy session (50 min) 150 PLN/ 40 $/ 37?
Session of psychological counseling (50 min): 150 PLN / 40 $/ 37?
Consultation (50 min) 150 PLN / 40 $/ 37?
Emergency sessions: 150PLN per every 50 min.
Couple session:
400 PLN per 90 min. (with two therapists),
200 PLN per 90 min (with one therapist).


AGNIESZKA GUZOWSKA ? ?ADIUTA?, ul. Śląska 12/4, 02-472 Warszawa

It is also possible for me to meet you in another place in the center of Warsaw.