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About Us

We are a team of psychologists providing professional psychological help in English in various cities of Poland. Our team members are highly trained psychotherapists who earned their experience in various Clinical Centers and currently work having their own private practice. All team members completed a 4-year long post-graduate training in psychotherapy.

We are all extending our knowledge on a regular basis, participating in various trainings and conferences. We abide by the professional code of ethics, ensure respect and confidentiality to our patients. We supervise our work regularly with certified supervisors.

We try to do our best to help our patients recover from what they are suffering from. Although psychotherapy is usually a long process, and requires a lot of devotion on the part of the patient and the therapist, we believe that the whole enterprise is worth undertaking in order to improve the quality of your life, relieve symptoms that make you suffer, and start leading a more satisfactory life.