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Psychological counseling is one of the forms of psychological help. Counseling is targeted at the people who came across temporary problems in their life, which are difficult to deal with on their own, and need to share with somebody who can look at their life in a professional and independent point of view.

During the meetings you will be inspired to look at your life in new ways, which were not visible or evident in the past. This – in some way, sets you free and breaks up repetitive schemes ruling your life. Talking to a psychologist may be an inspiration to changes in your life, new considerations and approach to life. It brings new light to the problem that seemed hopeless.

Psychological counseling is for the ones who do not need or do not qualify for psychotherapy. It is for those whose problems are temporary, for example, triggered by some recent difficult situation they encountered, but those who coped well in the past, overcoming various life difficulties.

Psychological counseling may be beneficial also for those who need psychotherapy, but, for a variety of reasons, are not able to undertake psychotherapy, for example, they travel so frequently that regular meetings are not possible, they will physically not be present in one place, or their situation does not allow regular psychotherapy.