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Emergency response

What is emergency response?

Emergency response is a meeting I offer immediately or almost immediately, on your request. This usually means setting up a session on the same day.

I offer emergency service if you:

– are experiencing a difficult unexpected situation in your life and it is hard for you to cope with it

– are feeling very sad or lonely and it is urgent for you to discuss your situation, especially if you have some thoughts of harming or destroying yourself (for example, if you have suicidal thoughts, or you feel like destroying yourself in various ways, or you just cannot stand your emotions any longer and just want to talk because you feel so bad that you are afraid something will happen, no matter what this can be.)

– your feel despetare, and you cannot stand your situation and you have the feeling that you do not know what to do with your life

– your situation does not allow you to wait longer than a day, for example, because you are going to travel or are going to be busy in the next few days and you would not like to wait for a visit

Emergency sessions have been created especially for those who have problems with dealing with their emotions or those to whom something very difficult has happened recently in their life, for example, the news of a death of somebody you are close with, the news of your spouse’s wish to divorce you or your partner to break up with you, catastrophes, or any other very difficult situations, like learning about something important for you and feeling very disappointed and cheated. If your emotions are sometimes so strong that it may be difficult for you to wait, here you may receive some emergency sessions to help you feel better. Such situations may happen not only when an external situation looks like an objective disaster. Some situations provoke very strong reactions in particular people, even if the same situation may be quite manageable for others. I mean you may be prone to particular situations, because they resemble of something from your past. Everybody is prone to different situations and what is easier for you may as well provoke a strong reaction in another person. It means that no matter how big a problem is, you may experience it in your own way and you may need support, because it IS a problem for you. Sometimes a quarrel with a friend or a heated dispute with an employer may feel more difficult than some ?objectively? greater problems.

If you have some ?emergency? situations from time to time (for example, with mood swings which happen repeatedly), when waiting would feel unbearable for you, or you suppose that if help comes in a few days or weeks time, it will be too hard for you to wait, here you may count on emergency sessions, which means that you should get help on the same day.

If I need to make an extra way to my consulting room for you, I may ask you to pay extra 50 PLN for such a meeting.

Emergency sessions – due to their specific character – do not necessarily last for 50 minutes, as other meetings do. You may decide that you need more time and I may agree to stay longer.