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Addictions and co-dependency

If you overuse drugs, or are addicted to alcohol ? you will need some addiction treatment before you may be able to benefit from my therapy. If you overuse medically prescribed drugs, or are addicted to some kind of substance or behavior that does not put you into an altered state of consciousness, you may benefit from my help, and my offer is also for you. If you do not know what category your problem belongs to, I may help you diagnose in what condition you are and help you find a proper treatment. As I do not treat alcohol or drug addictions, in such cases I may help you find some person who specializes in this kind of problem. If you suffer, because one of your relatives, people from your family or your partner is – or you suppose may be – addicted: let me offer you my help. I may help you evaluate if your problem requires some professional intervention, and advice you on what you can do. In such situations relatives and family of the addicted person may feel hopeless and lose their ability to care about themselves. If you already act like a co-dependent person, you may suffer a lot, and not be able to feel like an autonomous individual. The beloved addicted person suffers too, but anesthetizes him or herself with the drug or substance they use, so the co-dependent person remains the one who feels the worst. This is the reason why I suppose, even if the addicted person needs therapy, the co-addicted one needs help as well, because this is the person who suffers most. It is very difficult to look at the beloved person who destroys their life – and yours – and remain calm. The co-dependent person can hardly rely on his or her own feelings and perspective, wanting to believe the addicted one in what he or she is saying. But the addicted person may deceive both him/herself and the surrounding others, not even wanting to do so. They wish to think they are not addicted, when actually they are. The co-addicted people loose their perspective, become sad and dependent, and their life begins to fade. They cannot believe their eyes and their mind. They stop enjoying life. But there is a way out! Come and reach out your hand for help. I may help you become more autonomous,...
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Psychotherapy, counseling in Krakow Taking into account that you are already on this page, I suppose you are looking for help due to suffering you are experiencing. Let me encourage you to look through my offer. It is possible that you may find a part of yourself reflected in one of the described themes. If this is the case, I suppose you can benefit from my help. Psychotherapy enables individuals to know themselves better. Thanks to this knowledge one is able to cope with their life’s difficulties in a more comfortable way. You can receive help in the following problems: anxiety (fear or anxiety that begins to overwhelm you, seemingly without any particular reason) phobias decreased ability to deal with difficult flashbacks of troubling or embarrassing memories dilemmas touching both psychological and faith problems, neurosis, obsessive thoughts, constant feeling of tiredness and weariness due to overthinking and having numerous repetitive memories of past events feeling overly guilty, excessive worrying about or ruminating over things other people deal much faster with lack of self- confidence, problems with maintaining positive self-worth and dignity difficult memories causing overburdening feelings, flashback memories of traumatic or abusive events, including abusive events dating back from your childhood (physical, sexual, psychological or emotional abuse, domestic violence, one or both parents having alcohol problems, adult children of alcoholics) overly strong feeling of anxiety, fear, shame, anger, guilt, envy, hostility, which you have difficulty coping with inability to control your emotions (bursts of anger or tears, acting out your emotions on the closest ones) difficulties with taking decisions, depression lack of will to live life crisis (loosing a close person, divorce, etc,) personality disorders persistent difficulties in relations with other people, which are not understandable, and because of this it is not possible to deal with them on your own lack of stable human relationships with friends or a partner eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, obesity caused by mental factors, psychosomatic disorders (symptoms or diseases in the body connected with psychological stress) and many others… Psychotherapy is also a way to learn about yourself and your personal development. Psychotherapy makes it possible to get to know yourself better and learn about the mechanisms our non-conscious mind acts according to. Thanks to that it is possible to obtain more freedom, so as to make decisions in a more conscious way and follow your true needs. If you feel you...
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