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Persistent thoughts

Some people, especially the ones who received strict upbringing or some type of parental care that made them concentrate on rules to a great extent, may suffer from guilty conscience or blame themselves for many everyday things.

Sometimes you may be afraid that you acted in a wrong way and may feel guilty, responsible, ashamed, or inadequate because of that. Sometimes you may fear that you are going to be condemned, judged, or abandoned (for example by God or the people you love) for some of your life choices. You may keep ruminating and torturing yourself with various memories or you may not be able to focus on your daily life. If the word ?satisfaction? or ?satisfactory life? has started becoming a distant and unreal expression, you can receive help. If your friends told you many times that you are all right, and this brought only temporary relief, you may probably need some professional help.

If you keep having unwanted visions, words or thoughts coming up into your mind, you may need help. Especially in such a case, remaining alone with unwanted thoughts over a prolonged period of time may be damaging for your psyche. Neurotic illnesses need treatment. Do not overlook such symptoms, but reach out for professional help.

Author: Agnieszka Guzowska