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ONLINE COUNSELING – with a professional psychologist & psychotherapist

This website has been created and designed especially for people who may have difficulties with visiting a psychologist live in her or his consulting room. No matter if this is due to physical or psychological distance between you and the nearest psychological help center, I am here to help.

You may be struggling with fear, guilt, shame, intimidation, humiliation, anger, and many other feelings. Paradoxically, sometimes they may also be strong enough to stop you from visiting a psychologist, who could help you deal with them.

I understand that not only some of your issues may make you feel intimidated. Some people may also feel not comfortable with the very fact of attending a psychologist. Thinking about them I decided to make an online counseling center. Here you may receive some help and assistance by a well educated and trained health care professional. This may also be the beginning of a new quality of your life. Even if I do not provide you with any ready solutions – this may be a place where you can receive instant support, a place where some new light may be shed on your problems. If this is the first time you have ever contacted a psychologist, here I may help you break the ice and begin your contact with a mental health professional, which may also turn into some live contact in a consultation room.

Online psychological help may be an option for those who:

– live far away from any clinic providing psychological help
– have mobility problems or are handicapped
– travel so much that it is impossible for them to attend a psychologist in one location
– get so anxious while going out that it is a huge problem for them to visit a psychologist’s      consulting room and meet in person
– for any other reasons prefer online to live meetings

Online counseling may also be helpful if you want to learn what a psychologist would say in a certain case. If you are not sure what to think about a particular situation, or you are not sure about your feelings or whether you ?have the right? to feel in a certain way, online counseling may provide you with some extra information.

If you find yourself in a vague situation and you have no idea what to think about it, if you feel confused, abandoned, rejected, angry, sad or humiliated – here you may find a professional to talk to.

In some types of issues, the ones that do not require long term psychotherapy, internet help may make you feel stronger and more able to cope with your problems. However, in some cases, it may turn out that you require more complex support, like long-term psychotherapy. If this is the case, I may recommend that you find a psychologist in your area, or if I know any professionals in your vicinity, I may recommend you someone. In some exceptional cases, for example, if you have no other possibility to reach a psychotherapist live, like in cases of severe immobility, or if you live in an area where it is not possible to attend a psychologist, I may consider offering you online psychotherapy.

Online meetings are not like live contact – when a therapist and a patient meet face to face. When online – the intensity of emotions may be lower, which may make it slower for the patient to work through his or her problems. However, online services are designed for the patient to make it more comfortable for them to share their most intimidating problems, or when he or she does not feel comfortable enough to see a psychologist live.